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The ancient medical system “Ayurvedha” is capable of making miracles possible. Sacred in the Indian region it is known to have amazing healing power to cure diseases like no other medical system can cure. The original Ayurvedha secretes are well preserved and still practiced in Sri Lanka. Where ever you travel in Sri Lanka, you will find ayurvedic resorts, hospitals, spas and treatment centers.  The capabilities of Ayurvedha is amazing and limitless. And guess what Sri Lanka is the best place where you can get a quality ayurvedic treatment for an illness or for your well being.  Sri Lanka also has its own medical system. The Sinhalese medical system. Sinhalese medical system is also an ancient medical system that has over 2000 years of history. According to ancient literature, some techniques raised people who died from snake poison.  Or are you exhausted living the same boring life with technology and work? Well, Sri Lanka is the best place in the whole world to relax and get your life back to the track. Not only Ayurveda can heal you. You can learn plenty of ways to heal yourself in Sri Lanka. Yoga programs, Buddhist meditation programs, fitness programs, healing therapy programs, mindfulness programs, there is a lot more…

Ayurvedic treatments 

Ayurveda Panchakarma – Panchakarma is considered to be the most efficient and effective treatment in Ayurveda for many diseases. It is not a single treatment. It is a set of treatments. Panchakarma is a Sanskrit word means “five actions” or “Five treatments” Panchakarma can improve the quality of your life. All the five phases remove toxins and detoxify your body. 
Steam baths – Ayurvedic steam baths are not just steam baths. With the use of ayurvedic remedies, these steam baths can improve your circulation. Also, it can improve the health of your skin, reduce stress, open up your sinuses to make you relax and burn calories. 
Full body massages –  Not all the full-body massages are the same. If you have any kind of sickness, the Ayurveda doctor will decide what kind of full body massage you need at this time. Depending on the massage type they change the oils and the techniques. And if you are a healthy person these massages will make you feel better than ever. 
Head massage – This will gradually decrease your stress levels and make you feel better and relaxed. 
Foot massage – Ayurvedic foot massages can effectively heal headaches and migraines. Also, it clams your nerves and mind to make you feel better. You will be able to sleep better and also if you have high blood pressure the pressure levels will also come down. 
Thermo treatment – Ayurvedic Thermo treatment promotes relaxation of the body and improves the circulation of the body. Also, it is known to eliminate fatigue. 
Inhalation –  Inhalation of ayurvedic remedies can cure many diseases. Remedies like essential oils can help t reduce stress and anxiety. 
Shirodhara – Shirodhara is a step of panchakarma. It is an ayurvedic therapy. In this therapy, special oils are poured over the forehead slowly. According to ayurvedic literature, Shirodhara provides a variety of benefits to the brain. It can improve memory and concentration and promote better sleep. Also, it can cure many eye disorders. 
Kativasti –  Kativasti is an ayurvedic treatment founded in Kerala. It is a very effective treatment which can cure back pain. Healing properties of special Ayurveda remedies are used in Kativasti treatment. These oils deeply cleanse the blood and help to maintain the good health of muscles. 
Pizhichil – Ayurvedha Pizhichil is a treatment where warm herbal oils are squeezed on the whole body. Pizhichil can improve overall blood circulation. Also, it can improve the immunity systems function efficiently. Pizhichil can reduce stress tension and cure anxiety. This treatment is also used to help to heal fractured bones quickly.
Ayurvedic Body wraps – Body wraps or sharira ubtan is a treatment where the patient’s body gets covered with herbals or clay. It can detoxify your skin and improve the texture and the tone of the skin. This treatment can also improve the blood circulation of the whole body. 
Ayurvedic Herbal baths – Herbal leaves and roots are boiled and the water extract is poured to your body while you sit and relax on a special bathing tab. This is a perfect treatment to eliminate all toxins from your body. Herbal baths are also good for your skin. It can give a perfect natural glow to the skin. 


Ayurveda tourism in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, almost all tourist hotels and resorts have high-quality ayurvedic spas and treatment centers. According to the medical law of Sri Lanka, it is essential to have a qualified Ayurveda doctor to maintain an Ayurveda spa or a treatment center. So unlike other countries, you can get a very high-quality and trustworthy treatments from Sri Lankan ayurvedic medical industry. 

Also, there are ayurvedic resorts which provide full Ayurveda treatments. To get the maximum benefit of an Ayurveda tour you should spend at least a week. Even the smallest massages can help you to feel better and to cure the diseases inside you. But, the more time you spend in a quiet environment with a calm mind more the result you will get. 

Ayurveda Paragon hotel – Ayurveda Paragon hotel is a hotel founded in 1996. It is made according to a plan of world-renowned architect Geoffrey Bawa. The hotel is located 130Km south of Colombo. Paragon is located next to a beach. So, you can enjoy the greatness of the environment while taking your treatments. 

Barberyn Resorts – Barberyn Resorts are a chain of Ayurveda hotels and resorts. They have three Ayurveda resorts with different characters and experiences. Barberyn Sands resort is a small 25 room resort located on a peninsula between the Bentota river and the Indian ocean. Barberyn Reef resort is located in Beruwala. The reef resort offers not only Ayurveda treatments but also meditation and yoga programs. So, you can relax both your mind and body. As it is located next to the sea, you can also enjoy the precious beauty of Sri Lankan beaches. Barberyn beach resort is a luxury beach resort located in Weligama. 

Privilege Lanka –  Privilege Lanka is an Ayurveda beach resort located in Wadduwa. The resort is built on a 3-acre coconut estate on the golden sandy beaches of Sri Lanka. It is rated as a 4-star luxury hotel.