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Uncommon Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

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Uncommon Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

Wonderful nature, wildlife…the best place to collect pleasant memories for your life visit uncommon places in  Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is a small country full of big and surprising nature and wildlife. So, no need to be panic. Surely, you will satisfy with the uncommon places in Sri Lanka. Let’s see some of them..   

Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery

Visit Sea Turtle Hatchery and Rescue Center Kosgoda Sri Lanka
Visit Sea Turtle Hatchery and Rescue Center Kosgoda Sri Lanka

This is a place with Turtles. Sri Lanka is a country which is around with sea and the sea is full of teeming with sea life. So, when you visit Sri Lanka do not forget to visit Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery. Surprisingly, you will able to explore various types of hatcheries around the island. Specially, in Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery is a nest for Turtles. The Turtle Care Centre is at Kosgoda beach. The Centre performing awareness programs and volunteer programs for local and international visitors. The Kosgoda Turtle Care Center is a fabulous place to get fun while learn and love nature.

Muthurajawela Wetlands

The largest saline coastal peat bog in Sri Lanka is Muthurajawela. The location is Negambo southern region. Once, you visit there, you can see marsh lagoon complex itself evaluated its birth around the year 5000 BC. Also, Muthurajawela Wetlands is a wonderful place that is able to attract more and more local and tourists’ attention and attraction. At the sametime, this wonderful nature gift primarily used for sightseeing and boating tours, and the area also supports local agriculture and forestry. Moreover, seven major vegetation types include marsh, lactic flora, shrub land, reed, swamp, grasslands, stream bank, and mangrove forest. There are over 194 species of Flora speeded over the area.

Spice Gardens in Sri Lanka

Places to enjoy a quiet, peaceful nature. Visit Spice gardens, Sri Lanka. Most of the time Sri Lanka is renowned for best spices. Moreover, there are more than fifteen spices unique to Sri Lanka. These spices are traded in the international spice market. Over the world, there are more species, but for the quality, spices visit Sri Lanka. Once, you visit Sri Lanka do not forget to visit spice gardens. In there, you will able to learn more about spices, also can purchase them for a fair price. Other than that, gardens provide you with a chance to amazing meals complete with the spices. So, this is superb to spend your holiday if you are on a budget.

Some of the licensed spies gardens with the Ceylon Tourism Board as follows.

• Lucky land Spice Garden, Matale.
• New Paradise Spice Garden, Mawanella.
• Sirilak Spice Garden, Matale.
• Kingston Spice Garden, Mawanella.
• Thakshila Herbs and Spice, Matale.
• Susantha Spice Garden, Hingula.

Moon Plain Nuwara Eliya

Moon Plain Nuwara Eliya – End of the World

In Central Highlands of Sri Lanka, there is a place which is surprisingly beautiful and vast slopes of the Moon Plains. The place is located in Nuwara Eliya. Moreover, the wonderful land covered with a verdant carpet of healthy grass. Also, the Moon Plains is home to many wild buffaloes, dear, the occasional leopard wildlife elk and many types of birds. However, the most important point is the viewpoint of the ‘Mini World’s End’. On the other hand, this place is most suitable for a hike or a cycling tour, with beautiful landscapes galore. It is marvelous to see the view from the Mini World’s Peak at sunrise. You will able to collect memorable notes to your life from these places while the visit of Sri Lanka.

Meemure-Uncommon places in Sri Lanka

Meemure Sri Lanka
Meemure Sri Lanka

The place is a wonderful palace. And, this place is considered as a hidden village in Sri Lanka since it is isolated from other villages. This village is located 324m above sea level in Central Province. At the sametime, the most important thing is there is only one way to get into that village, the road for this village is from the Hunnasgiriya which is a part of Knuckle mountain range. The distance from Kandy is approximately 50km. the biodiversity of Meemure is somewhat special.  Some of special points of biodiversity of Meemure are; Ravana Ella Falls also lie within these lands, over 130 species of birds recorded in the area, with approximately 10 migrant species and 20 endangered ones.

Udawatta Kele Sanctuary

Udawatta Kele Sanctuary Sri Lanka Tours
Udawatta Kele Sanctuary

The hillside behind the Dalada Maligawa is the place that is regarded as Udawatta Kele. It is also called as  Royal Forest Park of Kandy.  The coverage of this wonderful uncommon place is 257 acres. When considering the history, human settlements in Kandy took place during the era of King Panditha Parakramabahu and in 1371 AD, King Wickramabahu made Kandy as his Kingdom. Kandy city is covered by several hills and the Udawatta Keleis the place which purifies the air in the city. At the same time, it is the place where the main resource; water gets to the Kandy lake.

Elephant Pass- Uncommon places in Sri Lanka

One of another uncommon place in Sri Lanka is Elephant pass. This is in the gateway of Jaffna Peninsula in Northern province of Sri Lanka. It is home to various variety of water birds. This declared a bird sanctuary in 1938. There are no much trees like other parts of the country, only palmyra trees with large flat landscapes. The places are wonderful to visit. Since there is no tree the shelter also cannot feel for travelers. Its unique location, so that most writers love to this place. In the past, it was not an easy journey to visit the elephant pass for travelers.

Mackwoods Tea Factory

Mackwoods is an ancient tea factory covering over 27,000 acres of rubber and tea plantations. In 1841, during the observation of tea estates in Sri Lanka, Captain William Mackwood found this place. Tea Centre is located in the heights of Nuwara Eliya. The sea level is over 2000m.  It is the first 9001:2000 Certification awarded tea factory in Sri Lanka.

You can be hiring your own private transport or use the special shuttle bus that goes to the Mackwoods Labookellie estate to visit with this uncommon place in Sri Lanka

These are only some of the places that you can visit under uncommon places to visit Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is full of unique hospitality, uncommon places. So that visit Sri Lanka, enjoy your holiday.

Golden sun shining all around the year makes your vacations in Sri Lanka enjoyable. Wonderful nature and amazing wildlife will help you make pleasant memories that last forever. Explore Uncommon Places to visit in Sri Lanka and make your escape to this charming island enjoyable. Now, indulge yourself in the exquisite culture of this tropical island and explore the wonders that Sri Lanka has to offer.

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